Istituto Superiore di Sanità

299 Viale Regina Elena  
00161 - Roma (I)  


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Pietro Panei
Paediatrician, Epidemiologist                                                                         


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  The Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) is the leading technical and scientific public body of the Italian National Health Service. Its activities include research, control, training and consultation in the interest of public health protection.

Department of Therapeutic Research and Medicines Evaluation:The mission of the Department is: to contribute to public health by controlling the quality, efficacy and safety of drugs and through research into new drugs and treatments for human diseases.
The research activities of the Department, which are carried out in cooperation with other Departments of the Institute, universities, the Scientific Institutes for Research and Care (IRCCS) and other national and international research centres, cover several aspects of pharmacological research, including the synthesis of new compounds and preclinical studies of their mechanisms of action and the coordination of large-scale national and international multicentre clinical trials. Specific areas of involvement include the use of drugs in paediatric patients, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic and endocrine diseases, aging-related conditions, neurological and neurodegenerative disorders, tumours, viral diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and drug-related conditions such as addiction, drug resistance and practice of doping in sport.
The Department is also actively engaged in innovative sectors of modern drug research, such as molecular pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics. The control activities of the Department range from ascertaining the chemical purity and efficacy of proprietary and generic drugs to the evaluation of preclinical safety, the monitoring of phase I trials of new drugs and innovative therapies, the technical and scientific examination of applications for licences at national and European level, the monitoring of new drugs after placement on the market and of drug-related adverse effects, and the dissemination of information to promote the proper use of drugs.

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The fifth ADDUCE Newsletter is now available!

Here, you can read about the finalisation of the project,

the European Medicines Agency and General Assembly meetings

and the dissemination of the results!

The fourth ADDUCE Newsletter is available!
In this newsletter, you can find some information on the final recruitment status of the 2 main studies:
- the prospective open-label methylphenidate pharmacovigilance study

- the long-term cardiascular effects of methylphenidate use
Also, you can read about the future plans of the project!

More than 1500 children, adolescents and adults across all Europe already took part in our study! Thanks to them, we have already gathered lots of information so we can know a lot more about methylphenidate than ever before! 


Did you participate in the ADDUCE studies and are you curious about the latest news on the project?

Here you can find some information!

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The third ADDUCE Newsletter is available!

Read more about the ADDUCE studies:

- the prospective open-label methylphenidate pharmacovigilance study: recruitment status and spin-
off studies
- the long-term cardiovascular effects of methylphenidate use: study design and participation

and much more in the ADDUCE Newsletter 3, March 2015


The second ADDUCE Newsletter is available!
Read more about the 2 main ADDUCE studies:

  • WP3: prospective open-label methylphenidate
    pharmacovigilance study
  • WP8: long-term cardiovascular effects of methylphenidate use

and much more in the ADDUCE Newsletter 2, February 2013


16 - 19 OCTOBER 2016:

4rd EUNETHYDIS International Conference on ADHD, Berlin - Germany
from basis neuroscience to optimised clinical care

17 & 18 APRIL 2016:

ADDUCE Consortium meeting, London - UK

28 - 31 MAY 2015:

5th World Congress on ADHD: from Child to Adult Disorder, Glasgow - Scotland

20 & 21 APRIL 2015:

ADDUCE Consortium meeting, Salina - Italy

21 - 24 MAY 2014:

3rd EUNETHYDIS International Conference on ADHD, Istanbul - Turkey
ADHD and related disorders

19 & 20 MAY 2014:

ADDUCE Consortium meeting, Istanbul - Turkey

3 - 6 OCTOBER 2013:

23rd EUNETHYDIS Network Meeting, Prague Czech Republic
A meeting of the European Network of Hyperkinetic Disorders

6 - 9 JUNE 2013:            

4th World Congress on ADHD: from Childhood to Adult Disease, Milan - Italy

4 & 5 JUNE 2013:

ADDUCE Consortium meeting, Milan - Italy

 6 & 7 JUNE 2012:            

ADDUCE Consortium meeting, Cagliari - Italy

23 MAY 2012:

2nd EUNETHYDIS International Conference on ADHD, Barcelona - Spain