Description of organization

Therakind is a paediatric healthcare company with strong drug formulation, clinical development and regulatory capabilities. Focusing on paediatric medicine, the company has the expertise to develop a product from idea through to regulatory approval. The company identifies niche areas of unmet medical needs and works with other drug development companies on a collaborative basis. Therakind was created in 2006 in collaboration between IPSO Ventures the School of Pharmacy, University of London, to address the significant unmet need for paediatric drugs.


Previous experience

Therakind’s dedicated team brings a wealth of experience in clinical and regulatory strategy; clinical study design, management, analysis, and reporting; interacting with Health Authorities and obtaining scientific advice and approvals for Paediatric Investigation Plans (PIPs) clinical trials and marketing authorizations. Therakind has secured agreement of a PIP for its first product which is being developed on a collaborative basis with a UK pharma company. It has also secured ‘fast track’ marketing approval status from the MHRA (UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) for its second product being developed with another UK pharma company.


Profile of staff members

Dr Susan Conroy is the Chief Operating Officer. She is an experienced pharmaceutical manager with a strong scientific background specializing in the identification, evaluation, management and commercialisation of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products.

Jackie Winslade is the Regulatory Affairs Director. She has been involved in various aspects of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs for 25 years and is experienced in defining worldwide regulatory strategy, product development planning, and coordinating and directing the preparation and review of worldwide regulatory submissions. Jackie has considerable knowledge of EU/US licensing procedures

and pharmaceutical regulations, directives and guidelines including those relating to paediatrics.

Dr Helen Buck is a Paediatric Clinical Trial Consultant. She has been involved in various aspects of clinical development and clinical trials for over 13 years. Her experience includes the preparation of clinical research documentation, management of clinical research staff and investigators, site selection, ethics documentation, site management and monitoring, presentation of clinical data and regulatory applications.

Therakind is in the process of recruiting a Research Project Scientist (N.N) who will have particular experience in clinical trials and data management.


Main tasks in this project

Therakind will contribute to the ADDUCE project by being involved particularly in the data management of the prospective study in WP3 for which it will establish the database for the prospective data collection.


The fifth ADDUCE Newsletter is now available!

Here, you can read about the finalisation of the project,

the European Medicines Agency and General Assembly meetings

and the dissemination of the results!

The fourth ADDUCE Newsletter is available!
In this newsletter, you can find some information on the final recruitment status of the 2 main studies:
- the prospective open-label methylphenidate pharmacovigilance study

- the long-term cardiascular effects of methylphenidate use
Also, you can read about the future plans of the project!

More than 1500 children, adolescents and adults across all Europe already took part in our study! Thanks to them, we have already gathered lots of information so we can know a lot more about methylphenidate than ever before! 


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The third ADDUCE Newsletter is available!

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- the prospective open-label methylphenidate pharmacovigilance study: recruitment status and spin-
off studies
- the long-term cardiovascular effects of methylphenidate use: study design and participation

and much more in the ADDUCE Newsletter 3, March 2015


The second ADDUCE Newsletter is available!
Read more about the 2 main ADDUCE studies:

  • WP3: prospective open-label methylphenidate
    pharmacovigilance study
  • WP8: long-term cardiovascular effects of methylphenidate use

and much more in the ADDUCE Newsletter 2, February 2013


16 - 19 OCTOBER 2016:

4rd EUNETHYDIS International Conference on ADHD, Berlin - Germany
from basis neuroscience to optimised clinical care

17 & 18 APRIL 2016:

ADDUCE Consortium meeting, London - UK

28 - 31 MAY 2015:

5th World Congress on ADHD: from Child to Adult Disorder, Glasgow - Scotland

20 & 21 APRIL 2015:

ADDUCE Consortium meeting, Salina - Italy

21 - 24 MAY 2014:

3rd EUNETHYDIS International Conference on ADHD, Istanbul - Turkey
ADHD and related disorders

19 & 20 MAY 2014:

ADDUCE Consortium meeting, Istanbul - Turkey

3 - 6 OCTOBER 2013:

23rd EUNETHYDIS Network Meeting, Prague Czech Republic
A meeting of the European Network of Hyperkinetic Disorders

6 - 9 JUNE 2013:            

4th World Congress on ADHD: from Childhood to Adult Disease, Milan - Italy

4 & 5 JUNE 2013:

ADDUCE Consortium meeting, Milan - Italy

 6 & 7 JUNE 2012:            

ADDUCE Consortium meeting, Cagliari - Italy

23 MAY 2012:

2nd EUNETHYDIS International Conference on ADHD, Barcelona - Spain